What Do I Get?

  • Full training 3 days with Wendy Powell, Tracy Sher and the MUTU team  – in all aspects of the MUTU System: philosophy, rationale of programming, technique and teaching points.
  • Thorough training on teaching the entire MUTU Program, with clear guidelines on progressing clients at an appropriate pace through the process.
  • The credibility and profile associated with the MUTU System brand.
  • A profile with picture in our listings of officially certified MUTU Pros on the MUTU System site [100K unique visitors a month] including a link to your business or Facebook page.
  • Ongoing promotion of MUTU Pros in Wendy’s interviews and on the MUTU System website and social media pages.
  • Access to all course materials.
  • Recognised ACE, NASM and AFAA accredited certification including listing is valid provided updated insurance documents are submitted during this time.
  • Recognition of star Pro performers.

– There will be no geographic ‘territories’ or exclusivity within a discipline or area.
– There will be no one-to-one business coaching or legal advice provided except generic-to-all.