Can I Earn Commission on MUTU Program Sales?

Yes! Becoming an Ambassador and earning affiliate commissions on program sales is an optional benefit available to all certified MUTU Pros. You are entitled to an exclusive commission rate of 30%! (Our public Ambassador program offers 20%)
  • 30% commission on the sale of every digital program purchased from our website through your link.
  • Unlimited earning potential – there are no caps on what you can earn
  • Fast and reliable monthly payments by PayPal, real-time, accurate sales tracking

You will be provided with full access to comprehensive guidance and ongoing support to help you maximise sales and track your commissions. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that any sale can only be tracked to you (and commission be payable) if the customer clicks on your individual MUTU affiliate URL. Telling a friend or client about MUTU and them later buying by arriving independently to our site, cannot be manually sourced back to you!