What Can I Call My Classes or Sessions?

Full details of how you can use MUTU System branding and content is available in the IP guidelines

In summary, under the MUTU Pro agreement you have two options for putting your MUTU Pro certification into practice:

  1. Use the MUTU Pro training to influence and educate your own practice and teachings to clients, weaving elements of the MUTU System into your existing professional services. We provide you with professionally designed graphics to use on your website or promotional material, identifying you as officially ‘MUTU Pro Certified’. You simply display this description or graphic alongside your own personal branding.
  2. You can also teach the MUTU System exactly as laid out in our online programs. You may call these sessions or classes ‘The MUTU System with a certified MUTU Pro’ ONLY. This may be written as plain text or represented using the graphics exactly as provided. If you are teaching ‘The MUTU System with a certified MUTU Pro’, then you cannot make any variation in content or progression from the existing programs; plus your clients are required to purchase the relevant online programme to compliment this category of training with you.

For full details and clarification, please refer to the Intellectual Property terms in the MUTU Pro Agreement here.