How do I Maintain My Pro Status and Listing?

Simply by continuing to comply with your license agreement. Your recognised certification, including a listing on the MUTU website remains valid, provided updated insurance and training qualification documents are submitted and are kept up to date; and provided you are fully compliant with the current Use of MUTU IP guidelines and manual.

MUTU Pros must complete the following to retain membership and licensed use of the trademark:

  1. Upon renewal of any business related insurance, a copy of the new certificate must be submitted within 21 days of renewal.  Please note our minimum requirements for cover, are $1 million per incident and minimum $3 million total cover, and the policy should include public and professional liability cover.
  2. Valid professional qualifications or practice certificates/licenses, to be kept up to date and any renewals to be sent to MUTU HQ within 21 days of renewal.

If either of the above items expire and fresh certificates are not provided within the stated time-frame, then your MUTU listing will be removed from the website, until such documents have been submitted to  

Team MUTU, will always acknowledge receipt of such documentation, so if you do not receive a thank you within a reasonable amount of time, please do follow it up.