Why Choose MUTU Pro Over Other Certifications?

You work hard for your money, you want to train with the right experts...  and there seem to be many options out there. Why choose MUTU Pro?
  • MUTU Pro is a live course, taught in person over 3 packed days, by the Founder of the program and CEO Wendy Powell, along with world respected pelvic physical therapist, Tracy Sher. Wendy and Tracy are present for the entire course, for all teaching, practical sessions and assessments
  • We cover MUTU philosophy, programming and techniques in detail, but this certification is no packaged formula. We teach: pregnancy and postpartum core, pelvic floor, diastasis, alignment and biomechanics, the breathing connection, program design and adaptations, teaching cues, client assessment and communication, along with pelvic symptoms and issues such as prolapse, sexual pain, hernia or PFD.... the list goes on. No stone left unturned, no question unanswered
  • The MUTU Pro community is a tight one! Every certification event is staffed by Team MUTU alongside a number of certified Pro volunteers from all disciplines, from crossfit, personal training and running to physical therapy, biomechanics, pilates, yoga or birth preparation. Whatever your specialist area of interest or expertise, there will be a Pro with real-life experience of relating MUTU to your practice
  • We focus one entire day of training on the *business* of health and wellness. Academic and technical training, along with practical application and assessment are vital to you being able to serve your clients better. But you've also got a business to run and a livelihood to support. Team MUTU has technical, social media, marketing and business expertise unrivalled in the industry, and they are on hand in person to share it with you. Wendy shares her own top tips and behind the scenes secrets to building a million dollar business from the ground up, so that wherever you're business is right now and whatever your goals, we can set you on the right path
  • MUTU System has the platform to promote you. With a thriving and engaged community of over 50,000 MUTU Mamas worldwide, as well as multiple active and far-reaching public social media platforms, and our Pro listings, MUTU makes sure the customers who need you and your business, find you with ease
  • We continue to support you, long after you leave our training! The MUTU Pro community is extremely active and supportive. Every question you didn't know where to ask, every new client issue, condition or obstacle - there is expertise in the group to support you. There is no expiration date to your membership of the group or to your listing on our site. We showcase and celebrate our Pro's so you get to just 'plug-in' to our high profile and credibility online
  • MUTU Pro is accredited for CEU's by ACE, NASM and AFAA - so you secure the credits you need to stay ahead and fully compliant

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