But I'm Not / Don't Want To Be a Postpartum Specialist Trainer

That's fine! You absolutely don't need to limit or commit yourself to a specialist or niche area of fitness. If you train or treat women, you will get better results for them if you understand their bodies.

The women in your care or in your class are, or may become, mothers. The women in your care or class are dealing with pelvic floor weakness or leaking, diastasis recti, a core that doesn't function as strongly as it could, or pelvic pain (whether medically diagnosed or not). They are already coping with the symptoms, so why not skyrocket your skills and arm yourself with the knowledge and teaching cues to assess and adapt your programming to really serve them well?

Even if they haven't told you about it, some of your clients are leaking when they work out. They are performing exercises or movements that neither they nor you realise are worsening their symptoms. The techniques you need to adapt and improve their quality of life and results are at your fingertips, to avoid frustration and discomfort... and to build your reputation and credibility as the fitness Pro who really knows their stuff when it comes to women's bodies!